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Forbidden Words

University of Missouri Press, 1994

From the Publisher:

"In her third poetry collection, Traxler examines the overt and hidden forces of language, including the power and weight of the unspoken and the relationship of women to language—how they may absorb power from it or use it as a refuge, how muteness can be a language in itself."

Some reviews of Forbidden Words:

“Gorgeous writing, and devastating... Patricia Traxler has done crucial work here: rigorous, faithful, tragic, hopeful, true.”

–Marie Howe, The Boston Review

Forbidden Words is an outstanding and enviable performance.”

–Ted Kooser, The Laurel Review

“These poems strike a thrilling balance between personal disclosure and the rigors of writing.”

Publishers Weekly

Forbidden Words is an intelligent, careful work by a gifted and generous poet.”

–Karen Volkman, The Harvard Review

Forbidden Words, is available at Amazon.com and other online retailers, or may be ordered directly from the University of Missouri Press.