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Blood Calendar

Blood Calendar, Traxler's first volume of poetry, was published in 1975 by William Morrow & Co., Inc. (Carol Hill, editor).

From the publisher:

"This volume of poems introduces a major new voice in contemporary poetry. The sources and subjects range over music, motherhood, war, sexual experience, aging, marriage, and death. They are women's poems, men's poems...they are poems about living, dying, loving, and leaving. They present an original and strong new talent that is, for all its savagery, buoyant...These poems reflect a world where poetry is wedded to daily life in a way that infuses new energy into the already extraordinarily strong forces seen within it."

Some reviews of Blood Calendar:

"A fierce and passionate collection!"
--Publishers Weekly

"Adds humor and a sense of fantasy to the genre of feminist poetry."
--Library Journal

"Patricia Traxler is an authentic new voice in American poetry. She writes vital, well-crafted poems about some of the most fundamental themes that concern--or ought to concern--every poet: love, death, war, old age, religion. She is a feminist who writes with sympathy for and understanding of men--lovers as well as old men...The poems in Blood Calendar are remarkably versatile: they range from the contemplative to the mildly humorous to the satiric, from the straightforward clarity of the feminist 'Allow Me' to the rich density of 'The Reassembly Job.' She succeeds."
--Clifton Snider, Long Beach Independent-Press Telegram

"These poems contain a strong sense of the power of juxtaposition, word contrast, and feeling for unusual sound. Ms. Traxler writes movingly and with a clear voice and unlimited energy. Her themes are universal."
--Pittsburgh Press

Blood Calendar is now out of print.